Zoo Cams
                   Penquins                                SeaWorld Penquin Encounter. You will see 10-20 penquins. A few up close and many far away.
                   Elephants                               San Diego Zoo. You should see 3-4 elephants standing or walking around.
                   Ape                                       San Diego Zoo Ape Cam.  You may see 1-3 apes. Camera has zoomed in and out shots.
                   Panda                                    San Diego Zoo. She mainly eats bamboo or lies around. You may also see a baby panda.
                       Polar Bear                              San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Plunge. You may or may not see it in the water.
                   Giraffes                                   Houston Zoo Giraffe Cam.  You may see 4-5 giraffes, and maybe even some ostriches or a zebra.
                   Chimps                                     Houston Zoo Chimp Cam.  You may see 4 or 5 black chimps. They all might be asleep in the swing.

                 Aquarium Cams
                         Kelp Forest                             You will see 10-15 somewhat small fish swimming in and out of the kelp. You may see a scuba diver.
                           Open Sea                                Click here for a list of animals to find. Ex. turtle, shark, tuna, dolphin fish, etc. You may hear a tour guide.

                  Seashore  Cams
                          Carlsbad, California              You will see the ocean, the beach, probably some people and maybe even a sunset.
                     Monteray Bay California       This rotates through several camera views. You will see the ocean, rocks, and maybe even boats.

                Snow Mountain Cams
                     Canyons Dreamscape Cam    ParkCity, Utah - a snow skiing resort. Click on the Control button. Click on "select camera presets".
                     Squaw Valley                       California snow skiing resort. Scroll down to see the live web cam. There are 3 cams to click on at the top.
              National Parks Cams
                      Yellowstone - Old Faithful     Old Faithful erupts every 35 to 120 minutes for 1 1/2 to 5 minutes.
                      Yellowstone - Old Faithful     This picture shows the expected time of the next eruption. (See very top of picture.)

              Adventure Park Cams
                      Mattercam                             Disneyland - Out of gates. It shows Matterhorn, etc. plus Disney Fireworks.

               Utah Valley Cams
                      Utah Valley University          Looking south from UVU. You will see mainly traffic.