Short o

     1.    If You Can Read "op"    Click the 4th circle down at left entitled: If you can read.... Click "op" at the bottom. Watch the video. Find: hop, pop, chop, flop, stop, mop, top, etc. 
Sloppy Pop                        Click the top circle at the left entitled: Letter songs. Scroll down. Click on "Sloppy Pop". Watch the video.  Find: pop, slop, mop, flop, top, rop, drop, hop, clop and stop.
     3.   Learn to Read             Do lesson 4 - ot, og. Read Mox's Shop.  Do the SH skill.
     4.   Words that rhyme with dot Click Start.  Point to the bee to see the word.  Drag it to the bee's nest.
          5.   Words that rhyme with top   Click Start.  Point to the bee to see the word.  Drag it to the bee's nest.
     6.    Chicken Stacker - Short o   Click Play. Then click on the letter o. Click on words that have the short o sound.

     7.   Web Word Find   Short o     Click on the first letter in the word. Drag your mouse to the last letter.  Find all six words.
     8.  Word Sort   Short o             Click on speaker. Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Drag the words to the correct category: ot, ox, op  6 words
     9.  Word Builder  Short o         Listen, Read, Next, Next, Play, Click up or down arrows to make a word. Click Go! to add to list.  6 words
     10.   Crossword Challenge Short o  Click Play. Find Across. Read the sentence. Find the short a word that goes in the sentence. Type it. 4 words
     11.   Short O                              Play Word Builder, Word Match and Word Search.  Do ob, og, op, ot, ALL.
     12.   Wordle                                Put words on the board with a Short o sound. Have students type 10 words. Click Go to make a Wordle.
   13.  Word Family Sort     Type in name.  Choose the short vowel: o.  Sort 25 words by: hot, top, Bob, sock.