Learning about computers:

   1.  A Computer                                               Click on A Computer. Click on ear to hear this short story that includes a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and computer.
  2. Double Click                              Click Go. Read it or click on Say it. Double Click on the shape or color it says as fast as you can. (Practice for #3 below.) Over 15 levels.

  3. Mouse Tutorial                                        Press the space bar to begin. Read or listen to instructions. Do lessons III, IV, V, and V1.
   4.  Click, Double Click, and Drag   Click on the light to turn it on. Then tidy up the room: paint, books, trash, and chalkboard.
   5.  Surfin' the Web                                        Scroll down to Surfin' the Web. Watch this video about the Internet.
  6.  Tools for Writing                                  Video showing various tools used for writing, including the computer.
   7. Keyboard Challenge                      Choose a theme. Click on the small GO. Drag the letters and numbers to their proper place on the keyboard.
  8.  Computer Cookie                                  Video showing how to draw a cookie on the computer.
  9.  ABCya! Paint                                           Draw 4 cookies. Click on star. Click on brown. Make star, circle, heart, and pentagon cookie. Decorate cookies. Print.
  10.  Click-N-Learn                                         Click on Click-N-Learn Novice. Click on 1-11. Back. Click on Click-N-Learn Junior. Click around.
11. Growing With Technology            Click on the red monster then click on the computer (tower) and the time machine (robot).
 12. Now or Then?                                          Choose whether the technology items were then (1950's) or now (2010's). Text is read to student.
13. Arthur's Computer Disaster          Watch this movie of the book by the same title. Click on the Full Screen button, (It's read kind of fast.)        
14. Computer Parts 1                            Play
Read-A-Word once. (Play Another Game) Play Audio Word Match twice.
15. Find the Technology Words                     Play Read-A-Word. Then do number 15 below.
16. Find the Technology                          Click on Review. Listen and click Next. Click X.                                                                                  
17. Computer Parts 2                            Play Read-A-Word once. (Play Another Game) Play Audio Word Match twice.