Art/Science/Social Studies/Virtual Field Trips

After playing a program click Back at the top of the screen.


        Sagwa Paint and Color                     Click on a picture to color. 10 simple pictures to color.

          Berenstain Bears' Coloring Book       Click Next, then Play.  Three pictures to color.
          Junie B Jones Coloring Book             Click Next, then Start.  Three pictures to color.


        Etch a Sketch    Use black, dotted, or no lines to draw a picture.
        Make a Drawing   Draw a picture. Use the tools to change pen colors or fill in colors, etc.

ABCya! Paint     Color, Draw and Paint. Also has some stickers. Color a picture. You can print out what you draw.
          Art Studio                Help D.W. color some pictures.  You can also add stamps.
          PaintBox                  Use the tools to draw or make special effects.
                            Use the tools at the right to make a jungle scene.

     Make a Picture
          Make a Picture       Click on Make a Picture. Choose one of 74 scenes. Drag the pictures to the scene. Enlarge if needed.

    Make and Print
         Bookmark Forge            Make a bookmark.  Print it out. Cut and glue it.
         Wordsearch Machine      Make a wordsearch using your spelling words, etc. Print it out.
Create a birthday card      Follow the 10 steps to create and print a card. (B &W or color options) Cut and/or Fold as needed.


           Create A Room    Choose a room to decorate: Living Room, Kitchen, bedroom, or dining room.
         Space Blocks       Drag a yellow block to the blue block. Build anything you want with these blocks.

   Make Music
         Music Maker        Click on Learn How or Make Music. Drag up to four band members to the stage. Record your song.


        Tangram       Move the pieces on the bottom to form the shape in the top right corner. See solution if needed. 5 designs.

     Color Names

         Color Labelling   Drag the color word to the actual color.  It will turn green if placed properly.

     Primary and Seondary Colors

         Color Combo    Click on the color or colors needed to make the color they sho


      Science Games for Kids    Scroll down a little. Choose a category: Living Things, Physical Processes, Solids, Liquids, & Gases. Click on a game.

       Build Your Wild Self   Make your body and then add animal parts to it.

     National Geographic Stories    Click on a story. Click on the speaker to hear it read.  

     Helping Plants Grow   Grow a flower by giving it water and heat. Go for 4 weeks. Then answer questions at top. (1st Gade)

     Magnets and Springs   Choose various items to see if they are attracted by a magnet. (2nd Grade)

     Health and Growth      Keep Ben alive by giving him food, water, exercise and rest. Go for 2 days. Answer questions at top. (2nd Grade)

     Earth Systems               Sort cards by Living and Non-living (land, air, water)    (2nd Grade)

      Earth, Sun and Moon   Experiment with earth, sun and moon rotation in hours, days and months. (2nd Grade)

     The Weather Game     Quiz game. Earn 5 pts. for correct answer. 50 pts earns new level. (2nd Grade)

     Planning a Trip to FunWorld  Habitats (Biomes) Choose items to take to: Tundra, Ocean (Aquatic),
                                                                    Rainforest (Tropical) and Desert (2nd Grade)       

Rocks and Soils            Click OK. Test various rocks. Does it float, split, or wear well? Is it permeable? (2nd Grade)

      Forces in Action             Experiment with weight, parachutes, etc as you roll a truck down a ramp. (3rd Grade)

       Friction                         Wait until it loads. Test a car's friction by driving over vinyl, wood, carpet, or ice. (3rd Grade)

       Changing Circuits            Change items in the circuit to make two dim or one bright light that switches on and off.

        Solar System Explorer  Click on a planet or !. Then click Play Game. Learn about the solar system, comets, etc.

       Investigating Air            Move the fans, balloons, feather, etc. to see what happens.

Social Studies

       Play Kid Games-Continents   Click to Continue. Drag the name of the continent to the right continent. (2nd Grade)
       Geo Spy-Continents Game    Type your name. Choose Continents Game. You have 30 seconds to click on all 7 continents.
(2nd Grade)
          Panoramic 3D View of Utah    Move your mouse left and right, up and down to see a terrific view of special places in Utah.




            Virtual Field Trips

           San Diego Zoo Kids      Click on Animals, Games, Acitivities, Animal Cams & Videos, etc.

           National Geographic Kids   Check out the Panda Cam, Photos, Videos, Games, Little Kids, etc.

           Meet Me at the Corner    Over 100 Field Trips (Videos, each, about 3-5 minutes long.)
Click pages at bottom or search.
                                                                                        Examples: Earth Day for Kids: Take a Hike
                                                                                                           Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison
                                                                                                           San Diego Model Railroad Museum
                                                                                                           A Kids Introduction to Geocaching

            Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History    Click on Virtual Tour or Invidual panoramas  (About 50 rooms to look through)

             *Pilgrims and Indian Videos       Mayflower (20 min.) Pilgrim Village (18 min.) Wampanoag Homes (17 min.) Plimoth Plantation (30 min.)