WALL-E           Watch 6 cartoon clips plus 4 movie trailers for WALL-E. 

           Robot Pictures      Wait for 32 pictures to load. Click on arrow in bottom right corner to scroll through the pictures.<>

<>          3D Images of Mars   Requires blue and red 3D glasses. (Available here.) These images were taken by robots on Mars. Scroll down to see more images and click on them.     

<>           Mars Adventure       Click Skip Intro. Begin mission. Take 10 things with you to Mars. Can you get 4 stars? (Consider zero gravity, batteries, heat up, etc.) 

      * Make a Robot         Click Go. Click to remove tips window. Bring robot part to top. Resize it, turn it, choose another part.

 ** Robots Play Soccer  (Show on Big Screen to whole class.) Click on "Watch on" Watch the video. (About 4 min.)      

           Incredibots 2      Click Play. Click on Tutorial Levels. Click on Level 1 - Drive a Tank! Click More, More, OK. Click Play. Push the blue box over the cliff.
                                                  Press Stop if you get trapped. Retry or Next Level (In Level 2 you build a simple robot). 

           Robot Rover  Click Go Fetch. Continue. Use arrow keys to pick up soccer ball and megaphone. Take back to Studio G (blue building)


           JunkBot from Lego    Click Play and OK. Move Lego pieces around to help the robot find the recyling bin. Do 15 levels.