Make Something

      1. Create A Room       Choose a room to decorate: Living Room, Kitchen, bedroom, or dining room.
      2. Make a Face                 Choose eyes, noses & mouths, hair, hats, and shades (glasses).
     3. Make a Cake               Choose the cake. Click Go. Add frosting color,
decorations, words, and candles. Light the candles,
      4. Make a Pizza               Click and drag the toppings to the pizza. To remove a topping drag it off the pizza.       
      5. Build a House            Click on 1 of 3 houses to build. Click GO. Drag various items around the scene to make house and suroundings.       
    *6. Create A Car                Choose a body style. Choose wheels, engines, power, etc. Click on key to Start the car. Make it go fast and/or fly.  
      7. Castle Constructor         Drag castle parts to the castle. Click the arrows for more parts
      8. Make a Picture           Click on Make a Picture. Choose one of 74 scenes. Drag the pictures to the scene. Enlarge if needed.
      9. Make a Robot                Click to remove tips window. Bring robot part to top. Resize it, turn it, choose another part.
10. Alien: Assembly Required   Click on Heads, Bodies, Face Parts, Arms & Legs, and Odd Bits. Drag the part to the right side.
     11. Make an Animation    Click Tutorial to see how to make an animation. Tools: Color, Size, Images, Background, Play, Loop, etc.
     12. Create a Party                   Choose food, activities and music for a party. Click on Start the Party to play the games.
Make a Card                 Drag stamps into box. Change size and orientation. Click a word before Go to find more stamps. Drag text box from left.                   
     14. Build Your Wild Self   Make your body and then add animal parts to it.  
     15. Jungle                          Use the tools at the right to make a jungle scene.
Make a Calendar       Make today's calendar.
     17.  Music Maker              Click Learn How or Make Music. Drag up to four band members to stage. Record your song.
     18.  Space Blocks                Drag a yellow block to the blue block. Build anything you want with these blocks.
     19.  Make a Bar Chart       Take a survey then record the results on this graph. Click in the square to show number. Write labels and title.
     20.   Interactive Weather Maker  Click Start. Drag the bars up and down until you make it snow. Then melt the snow.
     21.   Bookmark Forge      Make a bookmark.  Print it out. Cut and glue it.
     22. Wordsearch Machine Make a wordsearch using your spelling words, etc. Print it out.
Create a Card 
               Follow10 steps to create and print a card. (B &W or color options) Cut and/or Fold as needed.


             Make a Pumpkin    Select pumpkin. Click Go. Drag eyes, nose, mouth, etc. to make pumpkin. Press N for new one.
       Carve a Pumpkin Hold your mouse down to draw.  Click DONE when done.

       Make a Snowman
                Drag the parts to the snowman.
              Build a Snowman              Click arrows to change the hat, face, head, neck, middle , base, other, and scenes. 
             Gingerbread Man          Make a gingerbread man.
Make a Gingerbread House  Drag the decorations to the house.
           Christmas Tree               Select a tree. Drag the ornaments to the tree.
Christmas Tree 2               Drag the ornaments onto the tree. Click On switch to turn on the music and the lights.
           Gingerbread House       Drag the decorations to the house.
              Make-a-Flake                              Make your own snowflake.