After playing a program click Back at the top of the screen.

      1. ABC                                 Click on the shining letter. All letters A-Z.  (Takes 60 min.)
      2. Alphabet Bingo                Click Go. Choose either Letter Sound or Letter Name, Then choose UPPER-CASE or lower-case. Gives score.
      3. Beginning Sounds         Move the letter to the picture that starts with that sound. It goes endlessly. There is no end.             
      4.  Count the Wheels                     Click on the wheels you see. Click arrow to go to the next page. It only counts to 5.
     5. 5 Hungry Crocodiles            Listen to the story.  Count to 5. Also shows 5 colors.
      6. Explore the Night                Click Play. She will tell you what to find. Click arrow. Use magifying glass, telescope, or binoculars.   
     7. Number Train                    Count to 10.  Pick a number and see that many pictures.
      8.  Count and Match to 10        Click and drag the numbers to the correct set of objects. It goes endlessly. There is no end.        
    9.  Birthday Candle Counting      Click on all the candles.  When all are lit choose the number that corresponds. After 10 problems deocorate a cake.
   10.  Counting Fish                            Click number of fish (some hide). 70-100% score is OK. Level 1: 1-5, Level 2: 1-10, Level 3: 1-15. Bonus Game: Fish Play.
    11. Number Bingo                           Click on 0-9, 10-20, 20-30, etc. up to 0-100.  Gives score. Play Again  or New Game.
    12. Match Uppercase/Lowercase Drag the lower case letter to the matching uppercase letter.
    13. Lug and the Storks            Change the letters in the banner into capitals.
    14.  Keyboard Zoo                            Find the letter you see. Type it on the keyboard 10 times. Do next letter. Goes in ABC order.
   15.  ABC and 123 Magnets            Drag the letters to the fridge. Write your name. Write ABCs. Write numbers 1-10. Etc.
    16.  All About Me             Reset. Choose the item to look like you.
17.  Connect the Dots 1-10            Click on the 2, then 3, etc. up to 10. When done click on Count to 20. Then Count to 30.
    18.  Make Something        Here are lots of things to make, create, and build.
    19.   Short A Machine        Click On. Click on the yellow star or purple knob to change the letters. CVC - 3 letter words
    20. Word Builder               Click green card. Drag the letter from the bottom to make the 3 letter word shown. When done click on arrow, then lady bug.
   21.  Dog's Letter Pit             Find the letters to make 3 letter words, then 4 letter words.
   22.  Golden Crown Spelling Bee  Spell the 3 letter words that are shown.
    23.  Cake Maker                        Find the letters to make 3 and 4 letter words.  (Also play any other Super Why! game.)
     24. Rhyme Time                  Listen to four nursery rhymes.
    25.  Red's Rhyme 'N Roll             Move mouse up and down to catch or avoid words that rhyme. Get to Grandma's house.
    26. Engine Nine, Party Line        Listen for rhyming words.
27. Junie B Jones Coloring Book  Click Next, then Start.  Three pictures to color.
Golden Bone            Use arrow keys to move around and find treasure boxes. Find all the letters and you'll get the golden bone.                 
   29. Folktales and Fables              Click on one of the 11 stories on the left. Listen to the story.
   30.  Smarty Games - Stories         Click on arrow to choose 1 of 9 stories. Click on the picture. Click on arrow with speaker to listen.       
    31.  Numbers and Early Math              Click on one of 12 activities that work with numbers and math.
    32.  Activities about ME                      Click on one of 14 activities that you may like to do.
   33. Bees & Honey                      Click the Start button. Click on Bees.  Next Game. Use your mouse to point, click and drag.
    34. Find One More                    Matching game.  Match four pairs of pictures.
  35. Jay Calls                            Listen to the animal sound.  Choose the picture of that animal.
  36. Pick a Pet                         Pick the correct pet.

  37. ABC Order                       What comes next in ABC order?
  38. The Bee Game                  Click on a, then b, then c, until you put all the letters in ABC order.
  39. Letter of the Day               Choose the picture that starts with the letter shown.

  40. ABC Match                      Click on Choose a play mode. Do Learn mode. Match picture on top with letter on bottom.
  41. TimeWorks                        Put the numbers in the right order on the clock.
  42. Frog Jump                       Move the frog to the next highest number from 2 up to 26.
  43. Shapes                             Click on Start New Game.  Choose game 1, 2,or 3. Click on two shapes that they say.
  44. Which is Bigger?                Which of two items is bigger.
  45. Lecky Compares               Click Start twice.Click on biggest, smallest, tallest, shortest, widest, narrowest. Then put in order. 
  46. Alphabet Goop                 Put the picture under one of the two letters shown.
  47. Lecky's Picture Painting      Click on paint pot.  Color the butterfly the same as the picture shown.  Click Check when done.
  48. Mr. E's Matching Game     Match letters, colors, shapes, numbers more. 8 or more levels.
  49. Number Square                 Look for the caterpillar.  Drag the number to him.
  50. Count Along to 100           Type in about 32 missing numbers from 1-100.
  51. Snakes and Ladders            A game for 1 or 2 players. Count to 6. Use numbers 1-100.
  54. Park the Pods                   Choose In between  Park the pod between two numbers 1-100.

  55. Play Games with Caillou     Click on one of 9 pictures to play the game.
  56. Rats!                                Catch the shapes, colors, lettters, or numbers as they fall.
  57. Little Fingers                    Click one of 20 pictures to play a game.
  58. Star Words                     Click on Control Panel.  Choose Level 1.  Click OK.  Play it 3 times.
  59. Math Lingo - K               Point to the words to have them read to you. Look where the arrow
                                                points. Play it 3 times. Do next level. Do 8 levels plus the All level.
  60. Math Lingo - 1               Point to the words to have them read to you. Play it 3 times. Do 9 levels.
  61.  TVO Kids - Easier Games     Click on the left or right arrows for more games. Click on the picture to play the game.
  62.  Letter Sounds                         This has 22 links to activities that work on beginning and ending letters sounds and vowels sound (if ready).        
   34. Firefigher Fran                    Choose correct clothes for firefighter.
    35. Fire Safety Song                         Listen to the song and learn about fire safety.
     36. Mall Safety Song                         Listen to the song and learn about mall safety.
     37. Street Safety Song - Yard             Listen to the song and learn about staying in the yard. Click Back when done.
     38. Street Safety Song - Sidewalk       Listen to the song and learn about walking on the sidewalk. Click Back when done.
     3. Street Safety Song - Driveway      Listen to the song and learn about crossing a driveway. Click Back when done.
      33. Street Safety Song - Crosswalk     Listen to the song and learn about crossing at the crosswalk.  Click Back when done.
      34. Street Safety Song - Traffic Light  Listen to the song and learn about crossing at the traffic light. Click Back when done.
      35. Street Safety Song - Walk Sign     Listen to the song and learn about crossing a the walk sign.  Click Back when done.