Internet Safety
What is the Internet?                             Watch this movie to learn about the Internet.
What is Personal Information?               Watch this movie about personal information on the internet.
Netsmartz Kids                                    Type in a Nickname. Click Start. Watch the video, play the games. Save when asked. Do all six parts.
Webville Outlaws                                 Click on the outlaws: Look at this Louie, Meet Me Mack, Potty Mouth Pete, and Wanna Know Wally.
It's OK to Tell                                               Watch this movie from Netsmartz. Discuss why they didn't tell right away. What should you always tell an adult?
The Three Little Cyber Pigs                  Watch this movie. Answer the questions. Learn about internet safety.
Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet     Watch this movie. Learn how to Keep Safe, Keep Away, and Keep Telling.
Faux Paw Goes to the Games                 Watch this movie to learn how to balance real life with screen time.
Faux Paw and the Dangerous Download  Watch this movie to learn about downloading information off the Internet.
Faux Paw Meets the First Lady               Watch this movie to learn about cyber bullying.
Safe Online Surfing                      Choose 3rd Grade. Click on the 7 monkeys and do the activities, then take the Exam.
Internet Safety Quiz for Kids     There are 7 questions. Try to get at least 6 correct.
Online Safety Quiz                             There are 8 questions. Try to get at least 7 correct.

Internet Day 1
Introduction to Internet:
Surfin' the Web                                          Scroll down to Surfin' the Web. Watch this video about the Internet.
TVOkids - Media Lab                             Watch the videos about Friendship, Passwords and Blogs.    
Mr. Bunker's Blog                                         From here you can go to Extra Math, Spelling City and Raz-Kids.                          
Mrs. Iman's Blog                                           Click on Class Information, About Me, Photos, and Podcasts.
Mr. Bristow's Blog                                        Click here to find out what we are doing in class each week. It also has your spelling words.
Northridge Elementary                                  Click on Teachers.  Then find your teachers' picture. Click on their picture to see more about them.  

Internet Day 2
Learn about computers:
Find the Technology                             Click on 21 technology items: digital camera, desktop computer case, DVDs, fax machine, headphones, keyboard, laptop, microphone, mobile phone, monitor, mouse,
                                                                                            portable media player, printer, scanner, SIM card, speakers, surge protector, tablet, USB flash drive, video game console, wireless router.

Growing With Technology - Level 2          Click on the computer (tower) and the Tommy the Time Machine (robot).
Growing With Technology - Level 3          Click on the computer (tower) and the Technology Time Machine (robot). 1939, 1951 (Univac) , 1954 (printer), 1960 (monitor & keyboard),
                                                                                            1961 (IBM OS), 1964 (mouse), 1970 (floppy disk), 1971 (computer chip), 1975 (Microsoft), 1976 (Apple), 1983 (PC), 1990 (Internet), 1993 (PDA), 1994 (Web Browsing)

Now or Then?                                          Choose whether the technology items were then (1950's) or now (2010's). Text is read to student.
Play games with computers:
Game Goo - Learning that Sticks                  Play a game.  Then click on Fun Goo and find Gooey Games.
Fun Brain Math Arcade                                Click on Start.  Choose boy or girl and your grade level.  See if you can win all 25 games.         
Internet Day 3
Have fun on the web:
Tinker Ball                                                 Drop the ball in a cup at the bottom of the screen. 6 challenges
PaintBox                                                   You may need to click Cancel. Use the tools to draw or make special effects.
Pixlr Express                                             Click on Webcam to take your picture. (If you have a webcam.) Click Allow. Then use the tools to draw or make special effects.
Rollerblading Challenge                            Copy the rollerblading moves.  Drag them into the box in order.
Fearless Frieda                                           Choose a Skater name.  Submit. Skip Intro.  Listen for a word. Type the Word it says.
Create a Party                                            Choose food, activities and music for a party. Click on Start the Party to play the games.                                
The Fun Brain Arcade                              Click on Start.  Choose boy or girl and your grade level.  See if you can win all 25 games.
Poptropica                                              Explore. Collect. Compete. Click on New Player. Create your character.
<> Internet Day 4
Learn while you play:
Bugs in the System         Drag the bugs from the left to where they go on the graph at the right.
Wild Kratts
                                      Click on Videos or Habitats. Then you can play some games.
Between the Lions Games                   Put mouse on picture to hear the name of the game. Click on a picture to play the game.
Between the Lions Video Clips           Click the Pause button to stop the video. On the left choose a video to watch and learn.
tvo kids                                   Favorites: The Great Escape 1, 2, 3 or 4, Golf Tee-Off!, Pinky's Bowling, Dino Dig, Pirates...Maps and Treasures, Eviro Girl,
                                                                                                       The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog.

Internet Day 5
Science/Social Studies
KSL Weather                                       Find the current temperature. Find the 7-day forecast. Click on Photo Galleries to see pictures of Utah.
Interactive Weather Maker                   Click Start. Drag the bars up and down until you make it snow. Then melt the snow.
U is for... Picture Dictionary                 Find Utah.  Click on Utah. Find a place you've been. Back arrow. Click on a letter. Learn about something.
Google Maps                                        This is an interactive map. Scroll forward to get closer, backward to go back. Type in an address in the search bar. Click the A and click on Street view.
Machu Picchu, Peru                             This is part of the 3rd Grade Social Studies curriculum.
Google Maps                                        Type in Machu Picchu in the search bar at the top. Click on pictures in top right corner. Now look through all these pictures.
Google Maps                                        Type in BYU - zoom into the stadium. Type Legoland, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, etc. and zoom in closer.
Rocks and Soils                                    Click OK. Test various rocks. Does it float, split, or wear well? Is it permeable?
Friction                                                 Wait until it loads. Test a car's friction by driving over vinyl, wood, carpet, or ice.
Play Kid Games - Continents                Click to Continue. Drag the name of the continent to the right continent.
Geo Spy - Continents Game                 Type your name. Choose Continents Game. You have 30 seconds to click on all 7 continents.

Internet Day 6
Practice multiplication on the web:
Ant Parade                                          Play the matching game, then click on the red arrow. Count by 2's, 3's and 5's.
Three Times Song                               Listen to the song. Click on the 6 cards. Click on the tiger.
Learn Your Tables                              Click on 2. Say the facts as they appear. Click Drag, get 30 correct. Click Answer. Then Test.
Multiflyer                                            Click on Practice.  Put a check by 1 and 2 on the left and 1-10 on the right. Use grid only if needed.
Math Magician-times tables                Start with x1. Click on Start.  If you get 100% go to x2, then x3, etc. After x10 do Mixed.  
SpaceyMath Multiplication                 Choose Multiplication.  Third graders get to level 2 today, Level 18? by May 1.
Sketch's World-Multiplication            Click Start. Click on fact working on. Use arrow keys and space bar. Find the pallette on each level.
<> Grand Prix Multiplication             Multiplayer game. Click Play. Type screen name. Join a race or host a new one. Password. All multiplication facts.
Download Timez Attack at home.     Go to the bottom of this page and click on the BigBrainz link to down the school version of Timez Attack to use at home.
Reward for practicing math:
Golf Tee-Off!                                     Play game. Turn red button (angle) and move blue knob (force), then press Putt. 9 holes.
Seed Ball                                            Play game. Goal: Level 8.

Internet Day 7-8
Problem Solving on the web:
Cyberchase                             Quest 2: Race for Radopolis  Click on Enter the Game. Make a new player. Click on Motherboard to learn your mission.

Internet Day 9
Robots on the Internet
Robot Pictures
                                          Wait for 32 pictures to load. Click on arrow in bottom right corner to scroll through the pictures.
WALL-E                                       Watch the video clips and movie trailers from WALL-E.
Robots Play Soccer     Click on "Watch on Watch the video. (About 4 min.) Watch other videos under Featured Programs.
Lego Mindstorms movies     Watch movies of robots that people have made using the Lego Mindstorms kit that you can program yourself.
Make a Robot                                 Click Go. Click to remove tips window. Bring robot part to top. Resize it, turn it, choose another part.           
Robot Rover
                                           Click Go Fetch. Continue. Use arrow keys to pick up soccer ball and megaphone. Take back to Studio G (blue building)
Incredibots                                                    Click on Skip this Ad in the bottom right corner. (Sorry) Click Play. Click on Level 1 - Drive a Tank!
Planetary Rescue Squad        Launch your rocket so that it lands on the target. Use different strategies for different planets.

JunkBot from Lego                   Click Play and OK. Move Lego pieces around to help the robot find the recyling bin. Do 15 levels.